Oak – Your Mess As Much As Mine


Label: Truthseeker Music / Hydrogen Man Records / State of Mind Recordings

It’s easy to take for granted the emotional and physical catharsis that a good hardcore record can bring about. After all, it’s over fifteen years since Jane Doe sent seismic shocks through the hardcore scene, and bands are still taking plenty of leads from that mighty album. Sometimes though, a record comes out from the underground that hits you right there, taking you by surprise with its strength and honesty. Your Mess As Much As Mine by Swedish trio Oak has done just that, and whilst there’s no ignoring the influence of bands like Botch and Converge on their sound, there’s enough nuance and more than enough sincerity here for Oak to have an identity all of their own.

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Earth Moves – The Truth In Our Bodies


Label: Truthseeker Music 

It’s difficult to imagine Earth Moves inspiring an apathetic response from anyone who might hear their debut, The Truth In Our Bodies. Containing members of UK emo bands including Grappler and We Never Learned To Live, Earth Moves tread in similar territories to Envy and early Deafheaven, with screamo and post-rock fueled emotional catharsis being the order of the day, with shades of blackgaze in there too. And god-damn, is it ever emotional. This is the kind of record that demands a response, with cascades of sound and desperate, impassioned vocals. This is not one for casual listening; it is absolutely not background music, but an album to be swept up in, committing yourself to for its duration, with the pay-off being more than worthwhile.

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Sonance – Blackflower

a1611733774_2Label: Truthseeker Music

One of the most important – and difficult – parts in creating beautiful music can be in getting the contrasts right. Too much beauty and serenity can produce a kind of emotional numbness, where everything is too nice to actually feel as glorious as it is. But at the same time, it can be difficult to properly mix harsh, ugly moments with contrasting grace, as evidenced by the hosts of bands aping the likes of Neurosis without coming close to their grandeur. Judging by BlackflowerSonance have spent plenty of time learning how to mix the ugly with the beautiful to great effect, and the result is a superb album of varied doom/sludge that expertly mixes the heavy with the light.

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