Wet Nurse. & Matt Finney – Vases


Label: Self-released

If you’re in the market for something to get sad to, then Vases is just what you’re after. The collaboration between dark electronics musician Wet Nurse. and Matt Finney is bleak, depressing, and possessed of a certain beauty. This is music for staying up late, wondering where it all went wrong and feeling powerless to do anything about it. And yet, as unappealing as that may make it sound, there’s something about Vases that makes it easy to listen to for hours at a time, sinking in to its dark, melancholy embrace.

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Siavash Amini and Matt Finney – Familial Rot


Label: Umor Rex

Matt Finney has worked with a lot of artists over the past few years, adding his spoken word passages to dark music to create records that are as unsettling as they are addictive. This latest though, in collaboration with Siavash Amini, may be the bleakest release he has been involved with. With a musical backbone of dark ambient and sparse drone, Familial Rot tells a story of a life collapsing in slow motion, picking out those small details which seem so important in retrospect. It’s incredibly emotional without ever risking becoming over-dramatic, and is perfect music for late-night/early morning introspection, regret, and melancholy.

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