Label: Eerie Echoes (digital) / Throne Records (vinyl)

FVNERALS are a very special kind of band; the kind that flirt with the boundary separating the horrific and the beautiful, using one aspect to amplify the other. Much like, say, Ides Of Gemini or Chelsea Wolfe, they create music that is heavy not so much through volume, but through emotion. Their new two-song EP, The Path, offers a subtle evolution on the sound presented so well on last year’s The Light LP, with sharper, more focused song-writing whilst still maintaining the blissfully dark atmosphere that made that album so appealing. This EP invites the listener in to the darkest of waters, the blackest of nights, the most deathly of embraces, and it is so appealing and oddly comforting, you’d be a fool not to follow where they lead.

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