Review Blasts: May 2019

Happy International Workers’ Day! For those of you who have this day as a holiday, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. For those of us in the UK, we have the bank holiday coming. And here at TSNTW, I’m getting back into the swing of things with a series of short reviews. For this installment, we have world-ending black/death metal; speed-laced black-thrash; a furious feminist statement; a wonderful meeting of progressive technicality and black metal horror; and beautiful modern classical. Enjoy!

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Maskros / Kaji / Astrid / This Too Will Pass / A City Sorrow Built – Five-Way Split


Label: Miss The Stars Records / lifeisafunnything / Sailboat Records / Canopus Distro / Midsummer Records

There’s no denying that this is an ambitious release, coming from five different record labels and five different bands, from different parts of the world. There was always a risk it would end up being a better idea than a record, acting as a demonstration of what even small, underground bands and labels can do when they all work together. Thankfully though, the music here more than makes the efforts of those involved worthwhile. Even if none of the five featured bands plays music as progressive or creatively ambitious as the record itself is, the mix of post-hardcore and emo (or skramz, if you prefer) they all offer up is engaging, sincere,¬†and intense, demonstrating just why this style of music can mean so much to the faithful.

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